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What is the American Clinical Board of Nutrition (ACBN)?
The American Clinical Board of Nutrition (ACBN) is a professional certification organization acting in the public interest by establishing education, examination, experience, and ethics requirements for certification.
What does DACBN stand for?
DACBN stands for Diplomate of the American Clinical Board of Nutrition.
What is National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) accreditation?
National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) accreditation was formed in 1977 to develop standards of excellence for voluntary certification programs in healthcare professions.
What is the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE)?
The Institute for Credentialing Excellence, or I.C.E., is a professional membership association that provides education, networking, and other resources for organizations and individuals who work in and serve the credentialing industry.
What is a diplomate?
A diplomate is a person who holds a certification, and in the case of the American Clinical Board of Nutrition (ACBN), it is a doctor who has passed their examination after completing all prerequisites required to sit, including obtaining a doctorate in a healthcare field, 300 postdoctoral hours in clinical nutrition, and writing an article for clinical nutrition that has been accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal.
Do I need a doctorate degree to apply to become a diplomate?
Yes, one of the two prerequisites for applying to become a DACBN is to hold a doctoral degree in a healthcare field. Our diplomates have varying degrees including Chiropractic (DC),Medical (MD), Pharmacy (PharmD), Naturopathic Medicine (ND), Optometrist (DO), FoodScience and more.
What doctoral degrees are accepted?
Any doctoral degree in a healthcare field is eligible to fulfill the prerequisite to take the ACBN examination. Our diplomates have varying degrees such as Chiropractic (DC), Medical (MD),Pharmacy (PharmD), Naturopathic Medicine (ND), and more.
How do I publish an article for my application requirement?
In order to become a DACBN, we require proof of publication of an article on clinical nutrition in a peer-reviewed journal. Board approved peer-reviewed journals include, but are not limited to: Nutritional Perspectives, Journal of Nutrition, JMPT, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition,Journal of Chiropractic Medicine, Nutrition Reviews, etc.
Do you have a practice examination?
We have a short set of sample exam questions to show the domains and style of questions used. You can also find suggested reference materials and the list of domains that are covered, under the Apply section of the website
Is there reciprocity for members of other diplomate programs?
We do not offer reciprocity between programs, but prerequisites that are required for them may also qualify for the ACBN.
If I am retired from practice, can I keep my DACBN status?
If you are fully retired from practice, you can transition to Emeritus status. Emeritus diplomates have a reduced annual recertification requirement. Our board and staff go through a vetting process to ensure that a doctor is indeed fully retired.
What happens if I do not submit my annual requirements?
If a DACBN does not submit their annual requirements they will be decertified. State boardsand the diplomate will be notified of the decertification, and the DACBN must remove all use ofthe active status from their practice. If a decertified DACBN is interested in gaining status again,they need to complete the full application, fee, and exam process.

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