300 Hour Program

For doctors looking to become diplomates of the ACBN, they will require 300 hours of post-doctoral education in clinical nutrition. Programs that are listed below have submitted their entire course curriculum for vetting by our Credential Verification Committee. This is the same committee that vets applications for those who would like to sit for the diplomate exam.

While it does not in any way guarantee success with the rigorous DACBN examination, a course on the list has been deemed worthy by providing enough training on the specific subject matter that a candidate would require to succeed on the examination.

In addition to the distinction of being a vetted 300 program with the ACBN, any program on this list may have any modules of their program that they choose to offer used to fulfill part of current DACBNs continuing education requirement with no additional vetting necessary,

Recognized Seminars

Recognition of your continuing education course by the ACBN is one of the most prestigious designations a program can have. It means that a committee of DACBN practitioners have reviewed the course in its entirety and deemed it appropriate for carrying our recognition for the given year.

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