Proctor's Agreement

- The Written Examination is to be retained in a secure location.
- No copies, duplications, photos or videos of the examination shall be made.
- The Candidate will be seated in such a way as to reduce any question of impropriety and will be monitored in 15 minute intervals.
- Tests will be placed down on the candidate’s desk and when all tests have been handed out, the proctor will begin the test.
- There are two parts to the written exam, each containing seventy-five (75) multiple choice questions for a total of one hundred fifty (150) questions. There is only one correct answer.
- Answers are placed on a separate score sheet, detached from the examination questions.
- Identification of each answer sheet shall be by using the candidate’s PIN # number and name. A photo of the candidate will be attached to his/her examination for identification by the proctor.
- Each part (Part I and Part II) is allotted one and one half (1 ½) hours. They may continue on to Part II if Part I is completed in less than the allotted one and one half (1 ½) hours.
- A fifteen (15) minute break is provided between Part I and Part II of the written exam if desired.
- Once a candidate is finished with the written exam, they shall leave the examining area.
- The proctor will fax or email the answer sheets to the main office immediately and then enclose the examination and the answer sheet in an envelope provided and mail it back to the main office in Brooklyn, New York.
ACBN Headquarters:
1665 East 31st Street
Brooklyn, NY 11234
(540) 635-8844

The mission of the American Clinical Board of Nutrition is to ensure for the health, safety and welfare of the public through an examination process that assesses professional and clinical competence of health care providers in nutrition
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