Dr. Kirk Whitten

Immediate Past-President

Dr. Whitten graduated NYCC 1992.  He began practice in South Florida as a treating physician in two separate practices  In 2003 partnered to open a multi-disciplinary health care facility incorporating Chiropractic, Medical, Acupuncture, Physical Therapy and Nutritional therapies under one roof.  Dr. Whitten has continued to pursue this comprehensive combined healthcare philosophy throughout his career.  His post-doctoral Studies include disability evaluations, Industrial back injury prevention, sports medicine, manipulation under anesthesia, clinical nutrition, naturopathy.  He is associated with the following organizations: FCA, ACA, Broward County Chiropractic Society, Palm Beach County Chiropractic Association, American Clinical Board of Nutrition, Bright Lights Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, Lions Club International, Kiwanis Club.

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